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Season 23 written by SlimThug, 2010-04-09 12:28 CEST (1 comments)

9 apr, start at 16:00 cet.
Enemy Territory, format 3on3
mIRC: #vendetta.cup
Teams: 8/16/32 teams
Admins : Slimthug / rettuks

16:00 Sp_delivery_te
16:30 adlernest
17:00 Supply / 16 teams*
17:30 Braundorf b4

Final: Both teams pick a map from list.(ETTV if both teams agree)

Map list.
_ adlernest
_ frostbite
_ et_ice
_ sp_delivery_te
_ supply
_ braundorf_b4
_ sw_goldrush_te

Players with yawn-warnings which are younger than 12 months can not play.
CB/ESL banned players for cheating reasons will be refused entry to the cup, and your team will get a permanent ban!
SIDE is ALLOWED ( If both teams agree NOT to use it, its your choice)
One member from each team must be idling on #vendetta.cup
No-shows can be reported 10 minutes after scheduled match time.
Global3 or Clanbase3v3 Config (PB prefered)
Bug abuses are not allowed, trickplants, etc.
Decider will be chosen by elimination if its tie.

CHECK IN AT 15:45*
#1 written by Anonymous (Janesa), 8 years, 3 months ago
Alakazaam-information found, prbloem solved, thanks!
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